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And the summer is even better.

Temperatures can high 30 degrees, warm water, and city beaches, Sweden becomes an amazing place to spend the summer. Stockholm sets up free areas to swim in and even temporary beaches so you are never far away from the summer lifestyle. In the north, you even have the chance for 24 hours of sunlight.


Migrate to

Working in Sweden gives you a boat load of holidays. Most start with around five weeks of paid vacation and more as you go.

Swedish benefits are the best in the world

  • Working in Sweden gives you a boat load of holidays. Most start with around five weeks of paid vacation and more as you go.
  • Plus, if you are planning on having children here, parents here get 480 days of paid parental leave so share between them! No 2 weeks for guys and 6 months for women. 480 to do as you please. Most parents take a month or so off and then work 70-80% to make some extra cash.
  • Healthcare is semi-free here as well. You will pay around 100-250kr. per visit up to a max of 1000kr. Then all visits are free. This makes standard healthcare affordable to all. I say standard as this does not cover dental care or mental health.

High taxes but with visible rewards

Taxes in Sweden are higher than other places in Europe and the world, but you see the benefits. Healthcare, education, benefits, and more. Money in, money out. We have written about tax in Sweden before.
Standard income tax is 30% and around 25% VAT. If you earn less than 18,800kr per year, you pay no tax, and over 433,000kr you will pay 31% tax plus another 20/25%.
There are a few tools to help understand how much you will pay in tax and where the moment goes, but overall, most people are ok with the tax scheme. Of course, no-one likes to pay tax, but at least you see the benefits here.

Free education (for almost everyone)

Whether you want to start learning Swedish at school, or study a masters in international business, Swedish schools and universities are free for EU citizens. If you are from outside the EU, there is a cost and fees so check before planning your move here.

Fresh Winters and Amazing Summers

Most people say the winter is cold and dark. True, but Sweden has so much to offer during the winter and nature makes winter fresh and beautiful. Just look at this winter picture from 2012:
Go skiing just 20 mins from Stockholm, cross country skiing in nature, ice skating with the SHL hockey season and more:

  • SHL Season –
  • Skiing in Stockholm –
  • Hellasgården –

And sure the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees. But as the Swedes say “there is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothes”. Invest in a good Fjällräven winter jacket and some essentials, and you will be able to enjoy the crisp Swedish winters.

Working Conditions and Experimentation

There is a rule amongst most Swedes called “Jantelagen”, which is the idea that you are not any better than anyone else. This totally goes against some other cultures like America and tried to promote an equal society. Some people think this is good but others (especially non-Swedes here) think this limits creative and drive to be the very vest.
There are also lots of cities in Sweden (like Kiruna and Gothenburg) that have been experimenting with a 6 hour work week.